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Harper and Blohm Favourites Cheese Pack

Cheese Favourites Pack - delight your friends with a delicious selection of 3 kinds of cheese especially chosen for their crowd appeal.

Harper and Blohm Favourites Cheese Party Pack contains 3 of our most popular cheeses & is the perfect selection if you're not sure what to order.

REGULAR - a more reasonable 650g for around 6 - 8 generous serves - for couples & small families.

LARGE - a whopping 1.4kg of cheese for the cheese lovers & bigger families.

Brillat Savarin 500g /200g

Made from whole milk with added crème fraîche, Brillat-Savarin can be served at many different ages. When young the texture is dense, the rind is mild and the flavour has a pleasant crème fraîche tang. As it matures, the rind blooms and becomes spicy, and the texture is like a rich, buttery mousse. For an extra indulgence, try Brillat-Savarin served with strawberries & Champagne.

Berry's Creek Tarwin Blue - 400g /200g

After maturation in a small room next to the dairy for a minimum of two months, the rich buttery texture becomes interspersed with dark blue veins and develops a distinctly creamy texture and a slightly earthy flavour. The hallmark of this cheese is its perfect balance of spicy blue, creamy cheese and salty tang.

Tarwin Blue takes its name from the local river nestled amongst the rolling green hills of South Gippsland. Cheesemaker Barry Charlton has more than 40 years of experience making cheese in Australia but had never made a blue cheese before when he set up Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese with his partner Cheryl Hulls in 2007. Barry likes a challenge, and his vast experience paid off when his blue cheeses started winning awards at cheese competitions all around the country; Tarwin Blue is the most awarded cheese in the range. In addition to Barry’s skill as a cheesemaker, the key ingredient to achieving the rich golden colour of the cheese comes from the quality milk sourced from a local farming family, the Hutchinsons.

Marcel Petite Comté - 500g /250g

Marcel Petite is one of the most respected affineurs in France. He hand selects young wheels of Comté to mature in the 19th century underground Fort of Saint-Antoine. These cheeses are made by small dairies in the Jura and are carefully graded before, during and after maturation. They have a concentrated nutty texture and a gentle sweet honey flavour reflecting the rich milk of the Montbéliard cattle that graze the natural mountain pastures.

Comté is an ancient type of Gruyere, and typical of the large mountain cheeses made in the Alps, on the borders of France and Switzerland. Their name is derived from the forest known as Gruyeres whose timber was once used to fuel the heat of the copper cauldrons used to make the cheese in. More Comté is produced than any other cheese in France, and each cheese must pass a strict grading system which is controlled by the AOC* regulations. It takes more than 500L of milk – the daily production of 30 cows – to make one wheel of Comté.
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