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Will Studd Selected Cheese Gift Box

Will Studd Selected Cheese Gift Box - 6 favourites for a cheese lover presented in a Harper & Blohm Gift Box

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Will Studd is a world-renowned cheese expert who has selected a range of cheeses based on their provenance, texture, aroma and flavour. The Will Studd Selected Cheese Gift Box is presented in a Harper & Blohm Gift Box.

Aphrodite Barrel Aged Feta
This rare Greek traditional feta is made with milk collected from small remote family dairies where their goats & sheep graze on the wild grass & herbs. After ageing for four months in seasoned birch barrels, it develops a rich, complex creamy flavour, slightly tangy & firm but still crumbly. 250g

Aphrodite Halloumi
This hand-stretched halloumi is made in Cyprus to a traditional recipe from sheep & goats milk which gives it both piquancy and milky flavours. Hand folded with mint leaves, it has a distinctly Mediterranean flavour – salty with a hint of lemon. Ideally grilled or pan-fried. Approx 200g

Le Conquerant Butter
This French butter is made with cream from cows that graze on the green seaside meadows of Normandy. Churned in the old fashion way in a baratte and then hand moulded, this is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of butter – an essential item of any gourmands fridge. 125g

Brillat Savarin
This delicate, fluffy white mould is one of France’s classic triple crème cheeses. Luscious, creamy and buttery with a lightly sour note – best enjoyed with strawberries & Champagne. 200g

Le Roi Roquefort
From the Midi-Pyrenees region of France, this benchmark blue cheese is made using only raw ewes milk and aged in the natural microclimate of the Combalou caves. An intense blue with a slightly spicy finish – it is rich & buttery, salty & sweet. Known as the ‘King of French Cheese’ its name & method of production have been protected since 1411. Roquefort is the only unpasteurised soft cheese available in Australia. 125g

La Couronne Comte
La Couronne is a very special Comte from Marcel Petite, one of the most respected Affineurs in France. He hand-selects young wheels of cheese matured in the Fort of Saint-Antoine to wear the prestigious red ‘crown’ of quality. Cheeses are selected for their quality & flavour, rather than simply on an age profile. 150g