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Manchego Artisan DOP Valdivieso

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This hard cheese is made from raw ewes milk in La Mancha, Spain. It's a rare example of farmhouse cheese, made with milk from a single herd of Manchega sheep. 

Manchego is the most well known of all Spanish cheese from the famous La Mancha region – named from the Arab word ‘al mansha’ meaning dry land. This raw milk version is a rare example of farmhouse cheese made with milk from a single herd of Manchega sheep. It is sold at various degrees of maturation and varies in flavour according to age - Finca Valdivieso is matured for only a few months, during which the ivory coloured interior develops a distinctively dry & nutty finish with a hint of the grasslands of the farm.

A little history about Manchego Valdivieso
Finca Valdivieso is one of the oldest family farms in La Mancha - established in 1880 and dedicated exclusively to the local breed of Manchega sheep and the production of traditional farmhouse cheeses. As a farmhouse operation, Finca Valdivieso control all the steps of the Manchego production, from the housekeeping of the animals to the milking and cheese production. The shape and outer rind of Manchego is quite distinctive and originated from the traditional grass-woven belts that leave a zigzag impression on the sides of the cheese, as well as a small wooden board that is used to imprint a wheat pattern on the top.

Goes well with
Spanish wine – Rioja

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Printable Cheese Note

allergen - contains egg