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Aphrodite Galotyri PDO 180g - selected by Will Studd


This soft spreadable cheese from northern Greece is made from goats & sheep milk – perfect as a simple snack or a versatile ingredient.

Origin: Northern Greece

Milk: Goat | Ewe

Rennet Type: not used

Style: Fresh curd

Classification: Fresh curd

Shelf Life: 28 days

Goes well with: Light whites, Sparkling wine

Similar cheeses: Holy Goat Fromage Frais, Dreaming Goat Chèvre

Printable Cheese Note

Aphrodite Galotyri ‘milk cheese’ was once a seasonal treat, produced in summer by shepherds that roamed the hillside pastures of the Epirus and Thessaly regions of ancient Greece. Soft and spreadable, this pure white cheese has an unforgettable texture, a refreshing acidity and a delicious milky finish. Perfect as a simple snack or as a versatile ingredient in the kitchen, it also makes an interesting addition to rich roasted meat dishes. No surprise really, as this is how it was originally served by the shepherds who created it. Just don’t forget the spoon!

A little history about Galotyri

Aphrodite Galotyri is produced under strict PDO regulations that were established in 1996. It was specially selected by Will Studd because the recipe has close associations with the Sarakatsani tribe, which has a very long tradition of making cheese in Northern and Central Greece. In summer, the late-lactation milk they collect from free-ranging flocks of sheep and goats is exceptionally rich in solids. After natural acidification and salting, the curds are slowly drained. The result, after several months of ripening, is a unique soft creamy curd cheese, with savoury flavours and the refreshing and nutritional properties of yoghurt.

Will Studd is a world-renowned cheese expert who has selected a range of cheeses based on their provenance, texture, aroma and flavour.