Dreaming Goat Pressed Chevre 300g


Marinated pressed chèvre is made at the Dreaming Goat Dairy on Wurundjeri country, Macedon Ranges, Victoria. Its delicate, creamy curd is an indispensable ingredient.

Origin: Wurundjeri, Macedon Ranges, Victoria

Milk: Goat

Rennet Type: Non-animal rennet

Style: Fresh

Classification: Farmhouse     

Shelf Life: 7 - 10 days

Goes well with: Salads, roasted vegetables

Similar cheeses: Meredith Chevre, Holy Goat Fromage Frais

Dreaming Goat Pressed Chèvre is one of a range of fresh goat cheeses made on the farm in the Macedon Ranges with the milk of a small herd of 20 milking goats. This pressed chèvre is a delicate lactic curd cheese which is salted and pressed in squares and marinated in a blend of olive & canola oil. With no added ingredients, the flavour of the goat cheese shines through and can be added to salads, pasta or tarts.

A little history of Dreaming Goat

Dreaming Goat Dairy are a farm based cheesemaking business on Wurundjeri country, Macedon Ranges run by passionate cheese maker Sarah Ajzner and partner Daniel. In 2012 Daniel and Sarah spent a year overseas volunteering and learning about animal husbandry, land management and cheesemaking. When they returned to Australia, they found a rocky and hilly 50 acres in Monegeetta to fulfil their dream of establishing a sustainable goat dairy.

Ingredients: Pasteurised goat's milk, canola (gmo free) & olive oil blend, salt, cultures, non animal rennet,