The Fine Cheese Co. Ceramics GIVE AWAY

For the month of November (1/11/21 - 30/11/21) we are running a special giveaway. Make an online purchase of any piece from The Fine Cheese Co. ceramic range and go into the draw to win a Cheese Baker.

Cheese just looks so darn good on these blue and white ceramics from The Fine Cheese Co.

Designed in collaboration with independent UK design firm Irving & Co, the range features illustrations by artist John Broadley. John Broadley is an unassuming illustrator whose highly detailed work defies era or genre. With references to both comic strips and lithographs, his work rewards your return attention.

These blue & white pastoral scenes are precisely what you think of when you think of quintessential English crockery. May we introduce full dishwasher proof range:

Platter for Cheese

This cheese platter features an intricate interior scene reminiscent of a 19th century country kitchen (with cheese preparation in full swing) and farmland visible through the large arched window.

The flat rimless plate (30cm diameter) features a small raised foot on the underside for easy of handling.

Set of 6 Ceramics Plates for Cheese

Each plate features its own individual design of charming bucolic English countryside: shepherd tending sheep, cow almost smiling as it is milked, churning butter while chooks peck at the ground, goats proudly standing on rolling hills, a milk maiden returning with the morning’s collection, and milkmaids washing the freshly churned butter while a fat cat looks on. No matter the cheese of choice, your selection can’t help but look more appealing on these ceramic plates featuring John Broadley’s quirky, original designs.

Each plate is generously sized at 23cm diameter and the set of 6 plates comes presented in an illustrated, round hatbox.

Cheese Baker

The Cheese Baker (with lid) is 12cm in diameter and is the perfect size for baking a 250gm Camembert at home. Simply add your choice of aromatics and bake until bubbling and golden. We can even give you a recipe or two.

The design features milk maidens hard at work while a country squire flirts from the fence line. Hours of fun as you play count the farm animals – okay, maybe not hours.

Celery Jug

The plump celery jug has a sturdy handle and a pouting spout. It is 16cm tall and holds 1.25 litres – your choice if that is brandied custard, freshly squeezed orange juice or the eponymous bunch of celery. The continuous rural scene depicted on the exterior is complemented by stylized floral work on the interior. 

During the Victorian era, celery was a most sought-after luxury, and prized heads were displayed as centrepieces to impress one’s guests. We 100% support flaunting your bunch of celery in this attractive jug.

Applies to all online purchases from November 1st - 30th. Winner announced via email December 1st.