September Cheese Subscription Box

Victorian Victories

Celebrate all things local this September with our monthly cheese subscription. The Victorian cheese scene is going from strength to strength, in part thanks to trailblazers such as Holy Goat's Ann-Marie Monda & Carla Meurs, as well as the blue cheese king, Berrys Creek's Barry Charlton.

Recent imports Long Paddock Cheese are stepping it up with their recently launched cheese school in Castlemaineerd. Jack Holman (of Stone & Crow cheese) takes the helm maturing Shaw River's semi-hard buffalo cheese while, last but not least, Burke Brandon of Prom Country Cheese is cheesemaking royalty, being the son of Mornington Peninsula pioneer cheesemakers, Red Hill Cheese.


The September Cheese Subscription box contains: 


Goat milk, Dja Dja Wurrung, Sutton Grange, Daylesford-Macedon region, Victoria

La Luna is hand made using a process based on the traditional French goat milk cheeses of the Loire Valley. Its wrinkled rind gives way to a creamy centre which ranges from soft and smooth to fudgy and slightly chalky, depending on the season and the degree of ripeness. It has an amazing depth of flavour with a creamy lactic sweetness, balanced by a tangy finish.

Goes well with sauvignon blanc, riesling, chenin blanc, dry rosé



Cow’s milk, Dja Dja Wurrung, Castlemaine, Goldfields region, Victoria

This surface-ripened cows milk cheese is handmade in a traditional French style. When young it presents a fresh, clean flavour with a bright lactic tang. As it ages, the fudgy interior softens to a creamy, oozing interior while developing distinctive funky flavour notes. Organic milk from a mixed herd of Friesian, Jersey and Australian Dairy Shorthorn cattle is the foundation of Long Paddock cheese.

Goes well with sparkling and dry rosé wines



Ewes milk, Gunaikurnai, Moyarra, Gippsland region, Victoria

Black Sheep is an ashed, white mould ewes milk cheese - a unique farmhouse-style cheese rarely seen in Australia. It is named after the coloured Moyarra ewes that supply the milk. Each log is gently hand ladled from 500ml of ewes’ milk curd, and lightly salted. The surface is lightly dusted with a layer of charcoal made on site from cabernet vine prunings. A distinctive flora grows through the layer of vine charcoal which neutralises some lactic acid, sweetening the cheese, and assisting the development of the wrinkly rind. The result is a melt-in-the-mouth, dense, creamy cheese with an attractive, mottled, silvery-white rind that develops after 2 weeks' maturation.

Goes well with sparkling wines, dry white wines, rosé



Buffalo milk, Gunditjmara, Yambuk, Western District region, Victoria

Shaw River Special Reserve is a semi hard buffalo milk cheese – the result of a joint project between the Haldane family on the farm near Port Fairy in South Western Victoria and Jacks Holmans ‘Crows Nest’ located in the Yarra Valley. It has developed a beautiful natural rind & smooth creamy texture. The piquant flavour, typical of buffalo milk cheeses, is accentuated by a balance of sweet caramel nutty tones.

Goes well with fresh young white wines



Cow’s milk, Gunaikurnai, Fish Creek, Gippsland region, Victoria

Tarwin Blue is the hero of the Berrys Creek dairy - it is their most awarded cheese in the range. The hallmark of this cheese is its perfect balance of spicy blue, creamy texture and salty tang. The firm blue cheese develops a rich buttery texture as it matures and becomes interspersed with dark blue veins and a slightly earthy flavour.

Goes well with chardonnay, dessert wines as well as dark beers like stout or porter


About the Harper & Blohm cheese subscriptions

Our monthly cheese subscription is a carefully selected box of cheese with tasting notes delivered straight to your door. We offer 1, 3, 6, or 12-month subscriptions starting at $95 a month including delivery. Delivery via our refrigerated courier is available across Melbourne & selected areas of regional Victoria.

Orders for our September Cheese Subscription Box close at 9 am Friday 27th August for delivery on Thursday 2nd September. Order your cheese subscription today!

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photo credit: Holy Goat