September Cheese Subscription

September Cheese Subscription

We asked you to nominate your favourite cheese and so many of you heeded the call. So this, our last cheese subscription, we dedicate to you, our loyal customers. Whether this is your first purchase of a cheese subscription or your thirty-first, thanks for your support.
Delivery Thursday September 1st. Click & Collect available until Saturday September 3rd. 
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BRILLAT SAVARIN – selected by Will Studd

Cow’s milk, Burgundy region, France

Made from whole milk with the addition of crème fraîche, Brillat Savarin can be served at many different ages. When young, the texture is dense, the rind mild and the flavour is similar to thick crème fraîche. As it matures, the rind blooms, becoming spicy while the texture is like a rich buttery mousse. For an indulgent breakfast, try Brillat-Savarin smeared on dense fruit bread, served with strawberries and Champagne.

Named for the renowned Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin who is reputed to have declared 'Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.'

Goes well with: Champagne, sparkling wine, Pilsener or blonde beer


Cow’s milk, Franche-Comté region, France

This soft and oozy cheese has a fragile ivory rind and is matured in a small ceramic dish. Based on Saint-Marcellin, Le Secret des Lys has a silky texture and a similar flavour to ripe Brie, but with a delicate crème fraîche tang to the finish. It can be served at room temperature with crusty bread but is also excellent baked in the oven in winter, or on the barbecue during the warmer months.

Goes well with:Full-bodied white wines such as Chardonnay, Champagne


Cow’s milk, North Brabent, Netherlands

Great cheese is often the result of a collaboration between equally-skilled cheese maker and affineur, or oplegger in Dutch. L’Amuse Signature Gouda is no different. Cono Kaasmaker crafts fresh wheels of Gouda in North Holland, a region renowned for its sea-clay fields, rich in naturally occurring sea salt that imparts a distinctive flavour to the milk of the animals that graze there.

The wheels of cheese are then handed over to oplegger (Dutch for affineur) Betty Koster to age for a minimum of 24 months in her maturation rooms. Her unique method of higher temperature maturation (+14°C) and humidity results in a complex flavour profile of roasted hazelnuts and dark caramel to develop whilst maintaining the internal moisture levels. The icing on the cake has to be the tyrosine crystals which fleck the paste, providing a satisfying crunch on the tongue.

Goes well with: single Malt Whisky, fortified wines, dark beers


Buffalo milk, Boonwurrung, Gippsland region, Victoria

With a rich, dense, buttery texture, salty minerally veins and a complex savoury flavour, Berrys Creek Riverine Blue is one of only a few buffalo milk blues in the world. It is also the first of its kind in Australia and is made using the milk of just 41 Riverine water buffalo. Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese was set up by Barry and his partner Cheryl Hulls in 2007. They specialise in making blue cheeses and are the only Australian producer to have made blue cheese from the milk of cows, sheep, goats and buffalo. Berrys Creek Riverine Blue has won many Champion Awards at Australian cheese competitions.

After a minimum two-month maturation, the smooth paste becomes interspersed with blue veins and develops a slightly flakey texture, with complex savoury flavours and a distinctly sweet finish. It is a lighter style blue which appeals to connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

Goes well with: Pinot Gris, sweet or off-dry Riesling, Gewürztraminer