August Cheese Subscription Box

Our August Cheese Subscription box celebrates Mountain Melters - cheeses that will have you pining for picturesque Alpine villages complete with cows grazing on lush hillside pastures dotted with wildflowers. Our cheesemongers have a soft spot for mountain cheeses and are proud to share some of their favourites with you this August.

The August Cheese Subscription contains:

Le Secret des Lys

This fragile, soft and creamy cheese has a geotrychum surface and is matured in a small ceramic dish. Based on Saint-Marcellin, Le Secret des Lys has a silky texture and a similar flavour to ripe Brie, but finishes with a delicate crème fraîche tang. Occasionally it may develop harmless spots of blue mould. It can be served at room temperature with crusty bread but is also excellent baked in the oven. And yes, you get a handy-dandy dish to re-use.

Goes well with:  Champagne and full-bodied white wines such as Chardonnay


Mauri Formaggi Taleggio DOP

This classic Italian washed rind cheese has a creamy texture and distinctive yeasty flavour. It is still matured in stacked wooden boxes high in the Italian Alp. Washed and brushed several times over a month, the cheese develops a thin bloom flecked with grey yeasts and blue Penicillium mould on its distinctive orange rind. Beneath its thin, crusty rind the ivory interior ripens to a buttery, soft texture.

Goes well with:  Pinot Grigio and yeasty Blonde Beer


The Peaks Artisan Cheesemakers Mountaineer

Mountaineer is a semi hard cows milk cheese made from organic milk from a single herd of Normande cows. At once both sweet and savoury with an aromatic rind, this open-textured, tomme-style cheese has a rich and creamy clean flavour whilst expressing an herbaceous tone. It is both an excellent table cheese and delicious melted over potatoes and cornichons in the style of a raclette.

Goes well with:  light reds and aromatic whites


L’Etivaz AOP

This strong, hard mountain cheese is made using unpasteurised milk from cows that graze on the lush Swiss mountain pastures between May and October. Each wheel expresses unique bold and fruity flavours which reflects the botanical diversity of the mountain pasture. The cheese is made large copper cauldrons over a wood fire, resulting in an ivory colour, a light smokiness and a slightly softer texture than traditional Gruyère.

Goes well with:  Jura style white wines and dry sherry


About the Harper & Blohm cheese subscriptions

Our monthly cheese subscription is a carefully selected box of cheese with tasting notes delivered straight to your door. We offer 1, 3, 6, or 12-month subscriptions starting at $95 a month including delivery. Delivery via our refrigerated courier is available across Melbourne & selected areas of regional Victoria.

Orders for our July Cheese Subscription Box close at 9 am Friday 30th July for delivery on Friday 6th August. Order your cheese subscription today!

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