April Cheese Subscription - cheese to compliment chocolate

Each month we choose a selection of cheese with a common theme that are eating particularly well and give you a balanced range of cheese types. April is all about Easter and this month’s selection is designed to complement your Easter chocolate stash. Our cheesemongers always endeavour to select a balanced range of cheese that are eating particularly well right now, and this month is no different.

Whether you want a luscious creamy white mould, a complex hard or an intense blue, this is the box for you. So no one misses out, we’ve also included some delicious local cultured butter for your Hot Cross Buns. Enjoy!

BRILLAT SAVARIN – selected by Will Studd
Cow’s milk, Burgundy Region, France

Made from whole milk with the addition of crème fraîche, Brillat Savarin can be served at many different ages. When young, the texture is dense, the rind mild and the flavour is similar to thick crème fraîche. As it matures, the rind blooms becoming spicy while the texture is like a rich buttery mousse. Named for the renowned Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin who is reputed to have declared “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.”

Cow/Goat’s milk, Castile & Leon region, Spain

This bold and spicy but creamy blue is made from a seasonal blend of milk from cows and goats that graze upon the slopes of the Picos de Europa mountains in north-western Spain.

The wheels of cheese are matured in damp mountain caves where the moulds breathe and mature, developing a creamy melting texture with bold spicy flavours. Azul de Valdeon is distinctive with it protective layer of plane tree leaves, which lend a vegetal note to the complex earthy character of the cheese.

Cow’s milk, North Brabent, Netherlands

Great cheese is often the result of a collaboration between equally-skilled cheese maker and affineur, or oplegger in Dutch. L’Amuse Gouda Signature is no different. Cono Kaasmaker crafts fresh wheels of Gouda in North Holland before handing them off to oplegger Betty Koster to age for a minimum of 24 months in her maturation rooms. Her unique method of higher temperature maturation (+14°C) and humidity results in a complex flavour profile of roasted hazelnuts and dark caramel to develop whilst maintaining the internal moisture levels. The icing on the cake has to be the tyrosine crystals which fleck the paste, providing a satisfying crunch on the tongue.

Cow’s milk, Fitzroy, Victoria

St David Dairy source their milk from select Gippsland farms and delivered it daily to their award-winning Fitzroy dairy to be hand-crafted into small batches of butter. Live cultures transform this pure cream into a thing of beauty. Enjoy the lush mouthfeel of their cultured butter on your toasted Hot Cross Buns this Easter.

Orders close 9am Friday 26th March. For delivery just in time for Easter on Thursday 1st April. See more information and order here.