Winter Warmer - Baked Cheese

In the middle of winter, when the nights have drawn in and cold creeps through any available crack into the house, it's great to tuck into a comforting box of warm, gooey baked cheese.

We have two delicious boxed cheeses available in the shop which taste amazing when baked.

Frontage Des Clarines from Fromagerie Jean Perrin - $19.95 
Made near the village of Clarines high in the mountains of Haute-Savoie region by the Perrin family. This crowd-pleaser is amazing baked in the oven, when the interior breaks down to a rich, sticky and creamy texture which oozes from the centre of the cheese.

Le Conquerant Camembert, selected by Will Studd - $19.75 
This pasteurised Camembert is distinct with hints of cauliflower, wet straw and truffle. It has a rich fudgy texture when ripe, which is awesome when baked. Try switching the white wine for a dry cider when baking this wonderful cheese.

Simply follow the below steps for an unctuous baked cheese delight at home!

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 220C

  2. Stud the top of the cheese with slivers of garlic (boiled in water prior to slicing)

  3. Sprinkle fresh thyme or rosemary over the top of the cheese and add a splash of white or red wine

  4. Cover with foil and put in the oven for  20-25 minutes or until golden brown on top

  5. Remove the garlic slivers before serving

  6. Scoop out the cheese with your choice of crusty bread, fresh vegetables or cured meats from our selection from Greenvale Farm or Bundarra Berkshires