Warm up with Cheese!

Winter is the perfect time for cooking with cheese - we've put together a list of ideas for Baked Cheese, Cheese Fondue and even a Baked Cheese Dessert - for all these delicious cheeses visit our online shop here.

The Fine Cheese Company Cheese Baker (pictured above) Our classic blue & white ceramic brie baker from the UK comes complete with a 250g French brie & crunchy Spanish breadsticks for dipping - $60.

Enjoy a delicious Fondue with the wonderful Fondue Set Nero from Boska Holland.

Traditionally a dish eaten in the Swiss mountains, fondue is a dish made from simple local ingredients – cheese, wine & bread.  A perfect dish to enjoy with friends, this beautiful black fondue pot & mahogany wooden board will ensure you have an unforgettable dinner experience with delicious melted cheese.

Our Harper and Blohm Fondue Packs are the easy choice for your next fondue party - with enough cheese for 2 - 3 people, each pack has a selection of raw milk mountain cheese such as Swiss Gruyere & Emmenthal de Savoie - grated & ready for melting.
As with many traditional recipes, each area or Canton would have its own recipe.
Harper & Blohm Cheese Shops Fondue Recipe.
No fondue pot - No worries - ask about borrowing ours!

Boska Holland Cheese Baker & Stand - This stylish ceramic white Cheese Baker & lid comes complete with a cast iron stand and tea light to keep the cheese warm. Simply add your choice of aromatics to the cheese and bake until bubbling and golden. Read more about baked cheese here - $45

Le Duc Vacherin selected by Will Studd, is a French cheese from the Franche Comte region that is traditionally baked and eaten warm. Watch this video to see how its done. $20.50

For a dessert alternative - try warm Brillat Savarin with Boozy Fruits - click this link for the recipe. $20.95