Trashless Takeaway and reducing disposables at Harper & Blohm

At Harper & Blohm we are proud of our staff, partnerships and suppliers who are taking steps to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that ends up in landfill and waterways

BYO tubs are welcome for lunch items and our selection of homemade pickled vegetables, olives, cornichons, sliced meats & cheese. If you are pre-ordering for a group lunch or event from our Catering options you are always welcome to bring in your own large containers and platters in advance and we will prepare this for you.

And if you're visiting us in-store and can't finish that toastie (yeah right eh?!?) or wonder where our kitchen scraps and coffee grind go. We drop them off daily to our wonderful friends at Seeds Communal Garden around the corner on Albert Street.

Trashless Takeaway
We're thrilled to have Harper & Blohm Cheese Shop listed on Trashless Takeaway.  You can use this service to find a local business that supports you bringing your own containers for taking away delicious meals.

Refillers welcome
We're always happy to fill up your drink bottle here at Harper & Blohm Cheese Shop. You'll now notice the Yarra Vallet Water Refillers welcome sign in our window. Melbourne businesses are pledging to offer free tap water to customers and thirsty locals, in a bid to tackle the environmental impact of single-use plastic bottled water.

We have a number of suppliers using compostable packaging. Including but not limited to;

Market Lane is a specialty coffee roastery, cafe and retailer, born and based in Melbourne. Our customers love our Batch Brew Coffee. All Market Lane coffee packing is completely compostable.

Bundarra Berkshires have just launched completely compostable packing. One of our favourites is their delicious free-range Capocollo. The pork neck is cured in salt, pepper, coriander, bay leaf, juniper berries, chilli, then matured in the drying room for a minimum of three months.