At Harper & Blohm, we are proud stockists of El Colmado importer of unique Spanish food & wine. Melbourne based, Spanish at heart.

Join us this Saturday 1st August between 2pm and 4pm when Kino from El Colmado will be in store giving you the opportunity to try some of their amazing Spanish cheeses & condiments.


El Colmado is born from the fundamental principal to offer the best selection of hand picked products that Spain has to offer to Melbourne. El Colmado maintain a direct line of origin for each specialised item. El Colmado relationships begin with every farmer, producer and artisan of each unique product, to ensure a highest level of quality.

In our first in store tasting with El Colmado we will have the following products on tasting for you with 10% off Saturday only.

CSANSIM - San Simon 1Kg.jpg

San Simon, Cows Milk

This cheese has a creamy yellow colour and cuts smoothly. The texture is fine, fatty, semi-hard, semi-elastic and dense. Flavours are fairly mild and sweetly earthy with tastes of butter and delicate smoke. San Simon pairs very well with a pale, dry or even semi-dry sherry.




Oveja del Romero, Ewes Milk with Rosemary

Rosemary coated, cave aged shepherds cheese elaborated
 with ewes milk from La Mancha region for a totally incredible taste experience. The typical Manchego consistency and flavour, along with the new bouquet resulting from slow-curing with rosemary, exceeds expectations of the discerning cheese lover.

Lara & Sara, Cows Milk

Artisan blue cheese made in Villalba town, Lugo - Galicia, northern Spain. It is made with milk from Frisona, Pardo Alpina and Rubia Gallega cow breeds. It is softer than the other blue cheeses and is the first blue cheese made in Galicia. Pairs well with salads and meats. Ideal spread on crusty bread or to eat with fresh fruit.

CVIEMAE - Viejo Maestro 400g.jpg

Viejo Maestro, Goats Milk

This semi-soft goats cheese is
 a full flavoured cheese with definite goat milk flavour. Made using vegetable rennet (Thistle). The paste, bone white, is semi-firm
and creamy, lightly eyed, relaxing slightly onto the plate as it warms. Pair slices of this cheese with fried Marcona almonds, quince paste and Fino Sherry.

Quince Paste, Don Juan For more than 150 years, Santa Teresa have traditionally made quince paste using only fresh fruit, (unlike others that are made from canned or frozen fruit), and with non-genetically modified, organic ingredients. Quince paste is paired magnificently with Manchego cheese. At high temperatures it browns and caramelizes and therefore can be used for confections, stuffing pastries and baking.

PicosThe most successful bread products in the area of Andalucia are those ‘breadstick-type’ products, known locally as Picos de Pan. Picos and all their variants are an almost indispensable accompaniment to the well-known tapas. They are the perfect complement to such iconic Spanish products as Iberico Ham and Manchego Cheese.

This weeks wine tasting at The Prince Wine Storefrom 2-4pm Saturday will be Henschke new releases featuring ‘Hill of Grace’