September Cheese Subscription

Each month we choose a selection of cheeses with a common theme that is eating particularly well.  Our September Cheese Subscription Box celebrates special cheese in special wrappings.  Each of these cheeses has a traditional wrap which is part of the maturation process, not simply for decoration. These wrappings add to the flavour, texture and intensity of the cheeses.

Contained in our September Cheese subscription:

VACHERIN LE DUC – selected by Will Studd * free baking pot 
Cow’s milk, Franche Comte, France
Vacherin Le Duc is soft surfaced ripened cheese based on the famous Vacherin du Haut-Doubs, bound with  a traditional ring of bark, skilfully cut from the local spruce trees during the summer months. The bark holds the soft unctuous cheese together and imparts a distinctive pine flavour to the cheese. As the cheese ripens, the smooth pinkish rind starts to ripple & bulge and the inside softens to a rich creamy melt in the mouth texture with just a hint of the forest.

Cow/Goat’s milk, Castile & Leon region, Spain
This is a bold and spicy but creamy blue made from a seasonal blend of milk from cows and goats that graze the southern slopes of the Picos de Europa mountains in north-western Spain. Wrapped in a protective layer of plane tree leaves, these create a micro climate around the cheese, preventing extensive rind development whilst allowing the blue moulds to breathe and mature. The wheels of wrapped cheese are matured in damp caves under the mountains where they develop a creamy melting texture, with bold spicy flavours.

CORNISH YARG – Lynher Dairy
Cow’s milk, West Cornwall, England
This unique attractive nettle wrapped cheese is made with rich Cornish cows milk near Truro in Cornwall. The grass rich milk is collected from a handful of carefully selected local farms, it’s cultured, set, drained and pressed before being brined. At this point it is wrapped in perfect hand picked edible nettle leaves that assist the cheese in retaining its fresh citrusy flavour while allowing the rind to breath.

Piquitos Artesanos are the perfect accompaniment to your cheese board or tapas plate. These incredibly moreish little bread sticks are totally hand made in Spain from all natural ingredients – just flour, salt & yeast. Random in shape, they are crunchy & tasty and are great for dipping in baked cheese.

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