October Cheese Subscription Box - a goat, sheep and buffalo milk selection

Each month we choose a selection of cheeses with a common theme that is eating particularly well. For October Cheese Subscription, we’ve chosen a selection of cheeses from Victoria using goat, sheep and buffalo milk. Managing these animals presents many challenges – goats & sheep produce only small quantities of milk, the milk solids varies wildly across the seasons and so the cheesemaking process is more complex.

HOLY GOAT SKYLA – Sutton Grange Farm
Goat’s milk, Daylesford-Macedon region, Victoria
Skyla is a surface-ripened goats cheese, completely hand made using a process based on the traditional French goats milk cheeses of the Loire Valley. It has a very delicate texture with a soft, creamy centre and a distinctive wrinkly rind. Skyla offers an amazing depth of flavour with a creamy, lactic sweetness balanced with a hint of citrus on the finish. Sutton Grange Organic Farm was set up by Ann-Marie Monda and Carla Meurs in 1999, with just 3 goats. They had previously spent many years working alongside pioneering Australian goat cheese maker, Gabrielle Kervella, in Western Australia, and artisan cheese producers in Europe. Today they have around 100 goats that they all know by name and specialise in lactic-set goat milk cheeses that are widely regarded as the best in Australia. Most of the cheeses are fresh and soft styles, and many are ripened with a special surface mould called Geotrichum candidum, which has a distinctive wrinkled texture and ivory colour. The goatherd and cheeses are certified organic by NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia).

VENUS BLUE - Prom Country Cheese
Ewe’s milk, Gippsland region, Victoria
Venus Blue is a mild yet complex blue cheese that has won many major awards. Behind a natural multicoloured rind is an ivory paste marbled with greenish-blue veins. On the palate there are yeasty, champignon, spicy and slightly smokey flavours that cut through the trademark ewe's milk sweetness.
At peak maturity, Venus Blue has a wonderful combination of creamy mouthfeel, earthy spiciness and hints of mixed peel and honeysuckle. Prom Country Cheese is owned and run by Burke and Bronwen Brandon on their family farm in South Gippsland. Burke is the son of pioneering Mornington Peninsula cheesemakers, Red Hill Cheese. All of the cheeses are handmade on the farm using milk from the family’s own ewes, making them a true farmhouse operation.

Buffalo milk, Yambuk, Western District region, Victoria

This cheese (pictured) has been made by the Haldane family on the farm near Port Fairy in South Western Victoria then matured at Jacks Holmans ‘Crows Nest’ located at Rob Dolan's winery in the Yarra Valley. It has developed a beautiful natural rind & smooth creamy texture. The piquant flavour, typical of buffalo milk cheeses, is accentuated by a balance of sweet caramel nutty tones. Farming pioneers the Haldanes were the first to import milking buffalo into Australia in the 1990s from Italy & Bulgaria. Shaw River Buffalo Cheese is a farmhouse dairy situated on the property that was once home to Annie Baxter, owner of a vast cattle-grazing property named ‘Yambuk Station’. Annie was the first European woman in the district & was known for hunting dingo in her red riding jacket with her pistol prominently displayed on her belt. Shaw River created this cheese in her honour many years ago and to celebrate their 21st year of production they have handed this cheese over to fellow cheesemaker Jack Holman to mature.

Orders for our October Cheese Subscription Box close 9 am Friday 25th September. 

For delivery Friday 2nd October. See more information and order here.