November Cheese Subscription

Each month we choose a selection of cheeses with a common theme that is eating particularly well.

For November, our selection is focused on the protection given to European cheeses in recognition of their specific geographical region and the traditional production methods used. Including Wallace & Gromit's favourite cheese -Hawes Wensleydale PGI.

Protected Designation of Origin (English PDO) or Denominazione d’Origine Protetta (Italian DOP) - is given to food where the entire product must be traditionally and entirely manufactured (prepared, processed and produced) within the specific region.

Protected Geographical Indication (English PGI) or Indication Géographique Protégée (French IGP) is a little different. To receive the PGI status, the entire product must be traditionally and at least partially manufactured (prepared, processed or produced) within the specific region.

With the weather warming up,  we have selected fresher lighter styles of cheese for November. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Goat & Ewe’s milk, Greece

Authentic handmade Greek barrel ripened feta is rare and tastes very different to modern feta matured in brine. This cheese has been carefully ripened in small, old beechwood barrels using traditional techniques that date back to the time when nomadic shepherds roamed the hills of Northern Greece. The resulting cheese has a lingering flavour, with a balanced piquancy from the goats milk and luscious creamy texture from the ewes milk. A dramatically different cheese to most cows milk ‘fetas’ available.

HAWES WENSLEYDALE PGI – selected by Neal’s Yard Dairy
Cow’s milk, Yorkshire, England

A classic British Territorial cheese, similar to a cheddar but drier with a more open texture. Hawes Wensleydale is made to a traditional Yorkshire recipe using animal rennet and pressing the cheese into 5kg cylinders. Matured under cloth, Wensleydale has a white colour and crumbly, slightly chalky texture with a buttery mouthfeel and fresh acidity.  All known as Wallace & Gromits favourite cheese.

Cow’s milk, Lombardy, Italy

Dolce Gorgonzola with its white colour, its greenish streaks and its unmistakable flavour, is the “green” table cheese known all over the world. Born around the year 1000 in the province of Milan – Gorgonzola, from where it inherited the name – it is still produced with pasteurized milk from a single milking. This sweet and very creamy version of the traditional Italian blue cheese Gorgonzola Piccante has a rich heavy paste, milky and unctuous flavours with notes of sour cream, butter and a lactic tang. Don’t like blue? Wait until you try this!

BRILLAT SAVARIN PGI – Selected by Will Studd
Cow’s milk, Burgundy, France

A French triple crème cheese made from whole milk with added crème fraîche, Brillat-Savarin can be served at many different ages. When young the texture is dense, the rind is mild, and the flavour is like thick crème fraîche. As it ages the rind blooms and becomes spicy, the texture is like a rich buttery mousse.

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