June Cheese Subscription

Each month we choose a selection of cheese with a common theme that are eating particularly well and give you a balanced range of cheese types. Our June Cheese Subscription Box has some wonderful winter classics to enjoy as table cheeses and in your cooking – we hope you agree!

June Cheese Subscription Box

VENUS BLUE – Prom Country Cheese Ewe’s milk, South Gippsland, Victoria

Venus Blue is a mild yet complex blue cheese that is made on a strictly seasonal basis and is currently as it’s best. These wheels were made between the height of Spring when there’s an abundance of flowers & seed in the pasture and moving into late Summer milk which has very high cream content. The cheese has a wonderful combination of creamy mouthfeel, earthy spiciness and hints of mixed peel and honeysuckle. Prom Country Cheese is owned and run by Burke and Bronwen Brandon on their family farm in South Gippsland.

TALEGGIO – Mauri Formaggi Cow’s milk, Lombardy, Italy

This classic Italian washed rind cheese is matured in the natural caves of the Italian Alps near the village of Pasturo. Washed and brushed several times over a month, the cheese develops a thin, crusty rind flecked with grey yeasts and blue Penicillium mould. Underneath, the creamy texture develops a delicious yeasty flavour which is the hallmark of this distinctive Italian cheese. A great companion to mushrooms, try melted on polenta, pizzas, risottos & roast vegetables.

LE SECRET DES LYS – Jean Perrin Cow’s milk, Franche Comte, France

This soft & oozy cheese has a fragile ivory rind and is matured in a small ceramic dish. Based on Saint-Marcellin, Les Secret des Lys has a silky texture & a similar flavour to ripe Brie, but with a delicate crème fraîche tang to the finish. It can be served at room temperature with crusty bread, but comes into its own when baked in the oven in winter.

FIRSTKÖNIG - Kaseswiss, Cow’s milk, Toggenburg region, Switzerland

Named after the Churfirsten mountain range that dominates the region, FirstKönig translates as “First King’. A mountain cheese (or “Bergkäse”), it is made with whole unpasteurised milk and smeared in a light brine as it matures, giving the rind an amber colour & assisting in the development of its flavour. FirstKönig has a dense, creamy texture with a herbaceous flavour & a delicate spicy finish. Perfect for grilling & using in recipes calling for Gruyere.

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Harper & Blohm Cheese Shops June Cheese Subscription box will be delivered to your home or work place Thursday June 28th - cut off for orders is 9am Monday 25th June.