June Cheese Subscription - Cheesemonger Tash's selection

Each month we choose a selection of cheeses with a common theme that is eating particularly well.  Our June Cheese Subscription Box focuses on one of our cheesemonger Tash's favourite cheeses.

Cows milk, Devon, England

Quickes Vintage Clothbound Cheddar is hand made to a traditional recipe by Mary Quicke and her team at Home Farm in Devon. This cheddar is hand made on the farm in the rolling green hills of the West Country of England and, after grading, is carefully matured under cloth for at least 18 months.  The result is a classic Cheddar bursting with evocative flavours, with a firm, open and moist texture, an aging earthy aroma, and a lingering tang.

Cows milk, Toggenburg, Switzerland

A mountain cheese (or “Bergkäse”), FirstKonig is asemi hard style cheese made with whole unpasteurised milk and smeared in a light brine as it matures, giving the rind an amber colour and assisting in the development of its flavour. Developed by Reto Guntensberg at his fathers’ traditional dairy, FirstKönig is named after the Churfirsten mountain range that dominates the region. It has a dense, creamy texture with a herbaceous flavour and a delicately spicy finish.

Cows milk, Alsace, France

Munster is a washed rind cheese, matured in humid mountain cellars where it is washed and turned regularly to develop a sticky terracotta-coloured rind. Famous for its pronounced pungent aroma, the cheese has a smooth consistency, with a creamy, meaty and slightly sweet flavour. In Alsace, Munster is often enjoyed with cumin or caraway seeds scattered over the top. This is a great way to temper the flavour of the cheese if you find it too pungent.

Cows milk, North
Brabent, Netherlands

This traditional DutchGouda is the result of a collaboration between cheesemaker and affineur or Oplegger as they are called in Dutch. Cono Kaasmaker crafts fresh wheels of gouda in North Holland. Betty Koster, Oplegger, then hand-selects wheels for maturation and ages each wheel for a minimum of 24 months in her warm maturation rooms (+14°C). The higher temperature and humidity encourage complex flavours of roasted hazelnuts and dark caramel to develop whilst maintaining the moisture in the cheese.

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