free Spanish Cheese & Wine Tasting 22 July

This Saturday from 2 - 4pm join Kino from El Colmado – an importer & distributor of hand-picked & unique Spanish food – for a delicious (and free!) tasting of cheese & condiments from his homeland.

We’ll be trying:

 QUESO AZUL DE VALDEÓNA Spanish blue cheese produced in Valdeon Valley of Castile-Leon region of northwestern Spain and uniquely wrapped in Plane leaves. Made all year round with cows' or goats' milk or a mixture of both, the cheese has very dense blue veining.

 QUESO MANCHEGOAs Spains' most popular ewes milk cheese from La Mancha region in the centre of the country, Manchego comes in many forms. Kino has selected this raw milk farmhouse version which is only available in limited quantities. It is slightly harder and drier than other cheeses, with a flaky texture, clean lactic aroma & rich nutty sweet flavour typical of mature ewes milk cheese.

 QUESO IBORESSemi hard goats milk cheese from the western district of Extremadura with a buttery flavour & wild grass aromas evocative of the local landscape.

 Don Juan QUINCE PASTE  For more than 150 years, Santa Teresa have traditionally made quince paste using only fresh fruit & non-gm organic ingredients. This sweet dense fruit paste, known as Membrillo in Spain, pairs magnificently with Manchego cheese.

 PICOS DE PAN  The most successful bread products in the area of Andalucia are ‘breadstick-type’ products, known locally as Picos de Pan. Picos & all their variants are an almost indispensable accompaniment to the well-known tapas. They are the perfect complement to such iconic Spanish products as Iberico Ham and Manchego Cheese.

This selection wouldn’t be complete without a drop of Spanish vino, so head next door to Prince Wine Store for a free tasting and chorizo on the bbq.

We’re also offering 10% off our tasting cheese and condiments on Saturday (in store only).

Can't make it to the shop? Order your Spanish cheese box here for home delivery or click & collect - next day.