Formaticum Cheese Log Book

Enjoy cheese but can’t keep remember which one is which? Then this pocket sized Cheese Log Book from Formaticum is for you! It is the ideal log to keep track of the cheeses you love and avoid the ones you don’t.

With room for 55 entries, you can record plenty of  information on the cheeses you buy, share & enjoy; names, origins, milk types, food & drink pairings and ratings. With a useful ‘Flavour Wheel’ to help you identify the unique characteristics of each cheese, this handy little book has it all. A perfect excuse to eat more cheese and try a new one every week of the year!

You’ll also find informative pages including;

  • Helpful Information About Cheese.

  • Information On Milk Types.

  • How To Taste Cheese.

  • Serving Tips.

Formaticum is a Brooklyn based business specialising in premium cheese storage paper & other accessories.

Available online or pick one up in the shop.