Fine Cheese Company Stilton Pot

The Fine Cheese Company traditional, hand-ladled Nottinghamshire Blue Stilton served in a beautiful painted pot. Smooth, creamy and open textured, the cheese is buttery and complex, with a slightly spicy long finish.

The finest Stilton is produced by the gentle hand-ladling of the curds. This practice dates back to the 18th century when Stilton was first made. Today it still produces cheese that is somehow richer and creamier, with a deep and complex flavour. The finest Stilton deserves a lovely pot, so we commissioned the illustrator John Broadley to draw this country scene, in keeping with 18th century blue and white china.

Read about some of John Broadley's inspirations for these Stilton Pots on our blog, Our Blue & White Ceramics: It's all in the Design.