February Cheese Subscription Box

The February Cheese Subscription Box is the first subscription box of 2021. Each month we choose a selection of cheese with a common theme that are eating particularly well and give you a balanced range of cheese types. To kick off the new year, we have selected a range of cheeses across the cheese types – fresh, white mould, blue & cheddar – all with a twist. We hope you enjoy them!

Goat’s milk, Macedon Ranges, Victoria

Dreaming Goat Dairy are a farm based cheesemaking business in the Macedon Ranges run by passionate cheese maker Sarah Ajzner and partner Daniel. They established their dairy in Monegeetta to fulfill their dream of establishing a sustainable goat dairy. Every day they milk their small herd of 20 milking goats and make a range of fresh goat cheeses. We have chosen to include a jar of fresh chèvre this month, a fresh goat curd which has a touch of salt added. The milk is set overnight with lactic acid cultures and gently strained
to produce a delicate and creamy cheese. Enjoy in an omelette with herbs or frittata, alongside smashed avocado & sourdough or simply with crusty bread. Fresh goats cheese are best at just a few days old – this is the purest form of cheese.

LE CONQUÉRANT CAMEMBERT – selected by Will Studd
Cow’s milk, Normandy, France

Le Conquérant Camembert shows all the characteristics of its famous cousin - authentic raw milk Camembert de Normandie but made with pasteurised milk. It’s very bold flavour, reminiscent of cooked cauliflower, wet straw, salami and truffle, is not for the faint-hearted! The texture features a traditional line of chalk through the centre when young, which develops to a deliciously fudgy texture when ripe. It is common to find beige or reddish spots under the fluffy rind, particularly when fully mature. White mould cheeses fall into 2 broad categories – traditional & modern. This camembert is a benchmark example of a traditionally made white mould cheese adapted for the Australian market.

LE ROI ROQUEFORT Selected by Will Studd
Ewe’s milk, Aveyron, France

Roquefort is one of the world’s greatest blue cheeses and is often referred to as the “King of French Cheeses”. Its name and production methods have been protected since 1411. Le Roi, meaning “The King”, has been slowly ripened deep in the cool, ancient caves of Roquefort for longer than usual, and was specially selected by Will Studd because of its rich creamy texture, strong aromas, and lingering sweet- salty finish. Almost all blue cheeses are inoculated with strains of Penicillium roqueforti to provide their deep blue veining. Experience the original and the only soft raw milk cheese permitted in Australia.

Cow’s milk, Ceredigion, Wales
Hafod is similar to cloth matured cheddar with a smooth, fudge like texture and golden yellow colour. Its flavour is herby, sometimes with hints of wild fennel and an accompanying savoury, buttery rich nuttiness – indicative of its Swiss origins. Its unique characteristics are a combination of local organic Ayrshire milk and the ‘terroir’ of the pasture and soil of the Welsh farm. The name ‘Hafod’ (pronounced Havod) comes from the Welsh for summer place or pasture. It is made by Rob Howard and his team at the farm of Patrick & Becky Holden in Bwlchwernen Fawr near Ceredigion in Wales. Cloth matured cheeses are drier & crumblier than waxed or vacuum packed cheddars and exhibit more rounded flavours with longevity on the palate.

Orders for our December Cheese Subscription Box close 9 am Friday 29th January 2021.

For delivery Friday 5th February. See more information and order here. 

Some common question we get asked

What’s in a Monthly Cheese Subscription Box? 

  • 3 or 4 pieces of cheese selected by our cheesemongers

  • Cheeses cut to order and wrapped in cheese paper

  • Approximately 650g (large) & 500g (regular) in total

  • The range includes soft, hard & blue styles

  • Made from cows, goats, sheep and/or buffalo milk

  • Cheese notes

How much does it cost?

  • Regular: 2 – 3 cheese eaters – $95 per month * (includes free delivery to Melbourne metro)

  • Large: 3 – 4 cheese eaters – $110 per month* (includes free delivery to Melbourne metro)

  • Price includes delivery via a HACCP certified refrigerated courier service

  • Use code SUBSCRIBE in the coupon code box at checkout to activate Free Delivery.

* Add $5 for regional delivery

Where do you deliver to? 

Melbourne & selected areas of regional Victoria

  • Click here for more details of where we can deliver to

How many months can I have cheese delivered? 

  • As many as you like! 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months subscriptions are available.

Can I buy this as a gift?

  • Yes – you’ll receive a confirmation email for your order followed by an attachment letter for the lucky recipient. (Please allow up to 24hrs for us to process)