February 2020 Cheese Subscription

Each month we choose a selection of cheeses with a common theme that is eating particularly well.

To kick off 2020, we’ve chosen some lighter cheeses suitable for the warmer months. Each of these makes a stunning addition to a salad, share plate or enjoying the sunshine with a glass of something special. Celebrate summer in style!

BUFFALO MOZZARELLA Shaw River Buffalo Cheese
Buffalo milk, Yambuk, Western District, Victoria

Shaw River Buffalo Mozzarella is porcelain-white in colour with each shiny ball enclosed in a tight, thin skin. The texture inside is juicy and moist between spun layers of curd, similar to crayfish. Best eaten very fresh, the flavour is delicate and distinctly different from spun cheeses made from cows’ milk. Match with ripe tomatoes & fresh basil.

LE SECRET DES LYS Fromagerie Jean Perrin
Cow’s milk, Franche-Comté, France

This soft and oozy cheese has a fragile ivory rind and is matured in a small ceramic dish. Based on Saint-Marcellin, Le Secret des Lys has a silky texture and a similar flavour to ripe Brie, but with a delicate crème fraîche tang to the finish. Le Secret des Lys is made high in the mountains of the Franche-Comte region near the village of Cléron by the Perrin family, who also make other well-known mountain cheeses such as Morbier and Raclette.

RIVERINE BLUE  Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese
Buffalo milk, Gippsland region, Victoria

Berrys Creek Riverine Blue has a rich, dense, buttery texture, with salty blue, minerally veins and a complex savoury flavour. It is a relatively mild blue which should appeal to blue connoisseurs and newcomers alike. This buffalo milk blue is the first of its kind in Australia and one of only a few made in the world.

BRABANDER Fromagerie L’Amuse
Goat’s milk, North Brabant, Netherlands

This unusual goat milk gouda is made from the fresh milk of Saanen goats in the Brabant region. Brabander's porcelain white paste is a stark contrast to the typical deep amber associated with classic Dutch gouda.  After 3 weeks, young cheeses are selected by oplegger (ripener) Betty Koster for maturation at her facility, just outside of Amsterdam. Betty’s technique of maturing gouda in warm maturation rooms is unique in the Netherlands. The higher temperature and humidity encourage complex flavours of butter & caramel to develop whilst maintaining the moisture in the cheese, giving it a distinctive fudgy texture.

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Photo by Kate Shanasy