Classic French Cheese Box

Our Classic French Cheese Box contains plenty for 6 - 8 guests - leave out the guess work & enjoy a stunning selection this Christmas from the worlds finest cheese producers.

Brillat Savarin -

Selected by Will Studd this luscious triple cream cheese is made from whole milk with added crème fraîche. For an indulgent breakfast, try Brillat-Savarin smeared on dense fruit bread, served with strawberries and Champagne.

Jacquin Rond de Chèvre -

Rond la Tradition goats cheese is covered with salted ground charcoal and cellared for three to six weeks. When mature the cheese looks rustic with flecks of blue and white mould on the rind with a slightly earthy, slightly acidic flavour and a firm chalky texture.

Epoisses de Bourgogne -

Famous for its pungent aroma and sticky terracotta-coloured rind, Époisses has a smooth, velvety texture with a meaty flavour that melts in the mouth. It tastes milder than the aroma suggests, and has a decidedly sweet finish. Delicious with Pinot Noir.

Roquefort -

Roquefort is one of the world’s greatest blue cheeses and is often referred to as the “King of French Cheeses” and this one was specially selected by Will Studd because of its rich creamy texture, strong aromas, and lingering sweet-salty finish. Pair with Sauternes for the ultimate cheese & wine match.

Marcel Petit Comte -

Comté is an ancient type of Gruyere, and typical of the large mountain cheeses made in the Alps, on the borders of France and Switzerland. It has a concentrated nutty texture and a gentle sweet honey flavour reflecting the rich milk of the Montbéliard cattle that graze the natural mountain pastures.

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