Harper & Blohms Cheese Subscription delivers a box of seasonal cheese to your door each month. We choose a selection of cheese with a common theme that are eating particularly well and give you a balanced range of cheese types. This months’ selection reflects the cooler autumn weather and the changes it brings to our table.
LE DUC VACHERINWill Studd Selected, 200g

Cow’s milk, Franche Comte, France

This soft surface-ripened cheese is made for Will based on a recipe for the famous seasonal spruce bound cheeses of the region & bound with a thin ring of traditional bark. As it ripens, the chalky, mild textures transforms to a rich, creamy ‘melt in the mouth’ texture with just a hint of the forest. Delicious when baked in the oven with garlic, thyme and white wine. Recipe included.
LE PETIT ROUGE L’Artisan, 180g

Organic Cow’s milk, South West Victoria, Australia

Cheesemaker Matthieu Megard creates his washed rind cheeses from recipes that originate from the Reblochon style of cheeses of the French Alps where he grew up. This is what he calls a very Australian Washed Rind. It is very strong with vigorous pungent flavours, yet complex with a surprisingly oozy texture when ripe. Try melted over roasted mushrooms.

Cow’s milk, County Tipperary, Ireland

One of Ireland’s best loved cheeses, Cashel Blue has a rich and voluptuous creamy texture. The cheese is golden yellow and well marbled with vibrant green-blue mould. The flavour offers the perfect balance of creamy cheese and spicy blue, balanced with a salty tang. Enjoy with rye crackers & a glass of port.

Goat’s milk, Pyrenees, France

Tomme de Chevre Caprinelle is typical of the mountain cheeses of the French Pyrénées that have been made for centuries. It is made only in small batches from fresh goat’s milk between Spring and Autumn, when the goats can graze on the rich mountain pastures. Caprinelle has a smooth texture and a nutty, slightly sweet butterscotch flavour, with a hint of the herbs and grasses of the mountains pastures.

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