Butter for your Buns

Easter is all about Hot Cross Buns and of course, the best accompaniment for your buns is traditional butter.

Harper & Blohm have a selection of the finest butter from Australia & France.

King Valley Dairy Naomi Ingleton and her husband David have been making butter in Central Victoria since 2010, establishing King Valley Dairy in 2016. King Valley Dairy sources cream from local cows which graze on the lush green river-flat pastures. The Dairy makes butter in the traditional way: several different lactic acid bacteria strains are added to fresh the cream overnight, producing a gentle fermentation process to sour the cream before churning in batches. King Valley Cultured Butter 250g - $8.95

The Queen of Butter is Echire - handmade since 1894 at an independent co operative dairy near the villages of Poitiers & La Rochelle in Western France. Using only milk from local farms within 50km radius, the cream is allowed to mature for 18 hours before processing begins under the watchful eye of the master butter maker. The butter is then churned in traditional wooden churns. Echire butter is used in the best restaurants & bakeries is probably the finest butter in the world. The resulting butter is finer in texture, slightly brittle, with a lower moisture content. Echire Butter AOP 250g basket $15.95

Normandy butter such as Will Studd Beurre de Baratte  is preferred by most French chefs for cooking because it adds a sensational creamy richness to dishes. The rich milk produces butter high in fatty solids, oleic acid and mineral salts. Quality varies according to the season and the softest is made during the late spring flush when the green fields are covered in buttercups, daisies and dandelions. These are ingested by the cows and produce a golden butter packed with floral flavours. See how its made here . Will Studd Le Conquerant Butter 125g $4.50

Our friends at Tivoli Road Bakery make the best Hot Cross Buns in town and we'll have a limited amount coming in on Saturday 31 March. Pre order only - reserve yours by email ONLY to info@harperandblohm.com - payment will be required in advance.