Gift idea 17: Blugins a very festive Italian blue!

The newest addition to our range has arrived just in time for the party season - Cheese with Gin! We've been waiting for this cheese for a long time and it is perfect that it has arrived from Italy just in time for Christmas.

BluGins is a rich, creamy Italian blue cheese that has been matured in a combination of gin, juniper, cinnamon, and licorice for 4 months. The resulting cheese has a firm texture and delicate sweet & spicy flavor.

In celebration of 50 years of cheese making, Antonio Carpendo along with his sons Ernesto and Alessandro decided to pair their cheeses with cocktails. Knowing a local artisanal gin producer – Roby Marton, they spent 2 years experimenting with gin & cheese. This is the end result – in the cheesemakers words ‘A blue cheese for those who don’t like blue; a gin cheese for those non-gin drinkers’.

Serve with neat gin over ice or gin-based cocktails

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BluGins cheese / Order for delivery or for convenience pick up in-store with CLICK & COLLECT /  from $28