Birdsnake Chocolate

Birdsnake Chocolate is outrageously good chocolate - single origin cacao, ethical & delicious, from the farm to your face.

Smooth, intense and rich like you wish you were on that first date. Manufactured from bean to bar in Melbourne, Birdsnake chocolate has a deep and complex flavour profile that’s both nuanced and addictive in all the ways it should be.

Belize. Freddy, the maker of all chocolate, enjoys how the different flavours emerge in every harvest. This bar has the taste of sweet pineapple, chocolate & fudge undertones, with a strawberry and yogurt finish. Proper delicious. Belize

Madagascar. Chocolate maker Freddy admires the beans' subtle acidity, stone fruit notes and tartness. This bar has ripe raspberry & tart yogurt notes, with a sweet, sweet finish. A true force of nature.

Birdsnake pride themselves on modest values, reasonable claims and maybe the best chocolate in the world -  just a company determined to do the right thing.

75g / good for sharing, or keeping it to yourself

$11 - available in store