August Cheese Subscription - the unsung heroes

Each month we choose a selection of cheeses with a common theme that is eating particularly well.  Our August Cheese Subscription Box celebrates the unsung hero – cheeses that have more famous counterparts, but which we think are glorious in their own right.

SOUMAINTRAIN – selected by Will Studd
Cows milk, Burgundy, France

Soumaintrain is a washed rind cheese similar to the more famous Burgundian cheese Epoisses de Bourgogne. Both are produced from fresh cows milk collected from a strictly designated region and the curds set using traditional slow overnight lactic fermentation techniques.  Soumaintrain develops a mild and creamy flavour with sweet floral aromas and the rind gradually develops wrinkles and a more pronounced aroma the longer it ages.

Cows milk, Nottinghamshire, England

Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue is distinguishable from the more common Stilton by its distinctive orange colour – which comes from the addition of annatto, a natural food colouring derived from a South American berry. Shropshire Blue is slightly milder than Stilton but a little richer, with a buttery, creamy texture and minerally tang.

Cows milk, Canton of Vaud, Switzerland

L’Etivaz is a hard mountain cheese similar to Gruyere Vieux, made using unpasteurised milk from cows that graze on the lush green Swiss mountain pastures. Unlike Gruyere, L’Etivaz is produced by only 80 cheesemaking families who eschewed the Swiss government regulations on gruyere and created their own co-operative in the 1930s. AOC regulation stipulates that cheese is only made between 10th May and 10th October and matured for between 5 & 13 months.

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