August Cheese Subscription

Our August Cheese Subscription Box celebrates some unsung French heroes to brighten up those winter evenings and includes a tub of French Crème Fraiche – probably the best crème fraiche you’ll ever taste. All the products have the AOP mark – Appellation d'Origine Protégée – indicating that the products have to meet strict production criteria.
PONT L'EVEQUE - selected by Will Studd. Cow’s milk, Normandy, France

Pont l’Évêque is a washed rind cow’s milk cheese from Normandy, from the home of the more famous Camembert. The ivory paste of Pont l’Évêque is firm with tiny holes, the flavour & aroma is earthy, rich and creamy. As with many washed rind cheeses, it is believed to have been developed by local Cistercian monks and takes its name from a small village and bridge in Normandy where production was originally centred.

Goes well with – with Calvados, Normandy or farmhouse cider, Pinot Noir.
BEAUFORT D’ALPAGE AOPCow’s milk, Rhone - Alps, France

Similar to Comte – one of our best-selling cheeses & the most consumed cheese in France, but on a grander scale, this huge benchmark cheese dates back to Roman times and is known as the “Prince of Gruyeres”. Beaufort d’Alpage (meaning “of mountain pasture”) is only made in the summer in small mountain chalets. Each wheel captures the rich diversity of the herbage found growing in the remote alpine valleys of the Rhône-Alps, which is the only region in which Beaufort can be made. It takes approximately 530L of milk, the daily production of 30 cows, to make 1 wheel of Beaufort.

Goes well with - Wines of the Jura, Champagne, Chardonnay and Viognier

FOURME D'AMBERTCow’s milk, Auvergne, France

Fourme d’Ambert is one of the oldest cheeses in France and is often featured in the original stained-glass windows of the local churches in the Auvergne region of southern central France. Its distinctive tall cylindrical shape is said to indicate that this was a forerunner to English Stilton. This cows’ milk blue cheese is matured in underground tunnels where it develops a thin powdery grey blue natural rind and dense & creamy texture. The resulting flavour is mild, earthy and well balanced.

Goes well with – Dessert wines, full-bodied red wines
TRIBEHOU CRÈME FRAICHE AOP - Cow’s milk, Normandy, France

The only AOP cream made in France, produced in the same lush Normandy region as the more renowned traditional French cultured butter. With a super silky texture and subtle cultured flavour, this heat stable cream is a delicious addition to your cooking. Add grated fresh horseradish and spoon over grilled steak, enjoy with cured salmon or try in place of cream with your favourite cake.

See this link for more recipe ideas.

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