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There’s Blue in my Cheddar!

There’s Blue in my Cheddar!

You might be surprised to learn that a blue streak running through cheddar and other hard cheese was once a sought-after characteristic. This mould, while different to the introduced mould strains of Stilton, Roquefort and so on, is nothing to be concerned about.

Cheddar is traditionally made in 25kg wheels which are then bound in cloth allowing them to breathe. You can imagine as these wheels are hand-turned over their 12–18-month maturation they occasionally get knocked, developing cracks which then allow moulds to sneak in. Of course, you won’t see this in their waxed, suffocated cousins. 

While modern society has been taught to value sterile, highly industrialised foods, we at Harper & Blohm, value more traditional processes which embrace character. Whilst not common or deliberate, a blue mould streak can actually be part of an artisan product. 

Flavour is experienced as a combination of taste and smell. A streak of blue mould adds nuance as well as complexity.

So next time you come across some give it a go. Cut a small wedge, bring it to your nose and give it a sniff, then pop it in your mouth and let it linger there a while. You may just find you like it. 

Feel free to discuss with our in-store cheesemongers if you’d like to know more. 

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