Yarra Valley Dairy Tasting this Sat 20 Feb at 2pm

We have the pleasure of welcoming our friends at Yarra Valley Dairy to Harper & Blohm this Saturday, between 2-4pm, for a tasting of four of their favourites handmade farm house cheeses - Gentle Goat™, Black Savourine, Bulls Eye and of course their Persian Fetta.

Join us in store on Saturday and we'll also give you 10% off all Yarra Valley Dairy products!

Black Savourine

STYLE: Semi-mature, white mould goats milk cheese.
TASTE: A complex palate of full flavours. Roast nuts, cooked cream, hint of blue, full length.
EAT WITH: Quince paste, artichokes, fruit bread, almonds, walnuts.
DRINK WITH: Yarra Valley Chardonnay or Pinot Noir
RECIPE IDEAS: Slice over figs – grill, serve with good quality prosciutto on fig & anise bread, baked on top of tarte tatin, grill & serve over a green salad with walnuts, perfect on a pizza with caramelized onions, potato, rosemary.

This delicious cheese is pictured above, with pear and walnuts.


Yarra Valley Diary Gentle Goat

Gentle Goat™

STYLE: Fresh goats milk cheese.
TASTE: Moist, creamy with tangy hints of lemon.
EAT WITH: Beetroot relish, smoked salmon, figs
DRINK WITH: Sauvignon Blanc or another crisp fresh white wine
RECIPE IDEAS: Crumble over a salad, risotto or pasta, stuff & pan fry zucchini flowers, perfect with smoked salmon & dill bagel or sandwich, avocado on toast or a baked cheesecake.

Olivia from Harper & Blohm named Gentle Goat as one of the Five cheeses you should have in your fridge, as unopened it generally has a long expiry date, and is an easy addition to pasta, salad, avocado on toast or even an omelette.

Yarra Valley Diary Bulls Eye

Bulls Eye

STYLE: Semi-hard mature cow's milk cheese.
TASTE: Sweet, nutty earthy flavours with a beautiful creamy texture.
EAT WITH: Roasted cashews or walnuts, caramelised onions, crusty bread.
DRINK WITH: Riesling, Pinot Gris or good Sherry, Pear Cider.
RECIPE IDEAS: In the perfect cheese fondue, crouton topping for French onion soup, in a fresh mixed herb omelette.

Here at Harper & Blohm we are excited to have Bulls Eye in our store for the first time! Yarra Valley Dairy only make a small quantity of this cheese each year and mostly sell it at their store in the Yarra Valley.

Persian Fetta

PROFILE: Cow's milk fetta marinated in garlic, fresh thyme, bay leaves, peppercorns & olive oil.
TASTE: Creamy, salty tang with a lush buttery finish.
EAT WITH: Rocket, chickpeas, roast root vegetables.
DRINK WITH: Sparkling wine of any kind, Pear or Apple Cider, Rose.
RECIPE IDEAS: Crumble over caramelized onion tart, stuff in ravioli.

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