Celebrate St Patrick's Day with Irish Farmhouse Cheese

There really is a pot o'gold at the end of the rainbow this St Patrick's Day at Harper & Blohm! We're offering 10% off two of our favorite Irish Farmhouse cheese this Friday 17th March.

Cashel Blue - Co. Tipperary

CHARACTERISTICS: One of Ireland's best loved cheeses, Cashel Blue has a rich and voluptuous creamy texture. The cheese is golden yellow, well marbled with nutty green-blue mould.

HISTORY: The Grubb family have lived in Ireland since the 17th century, when they fled England for religious reasons. The family have been millers and butter makers on their farm at Beechmount ever since.

Louis and Jane Grubb now live on the Grubb family farm. Jane, a chef, had the idea for Cashel Blue after she saw a gap in the market for a great Irish blue cheese. The cheese is made in a hundred year old copper vat and they use only milk from their own herd of pedigree British Friesian cows. In 2003 their daughter Sarah returned to the business with her husband Sergio, after working in the wine business.

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Durrus - Co. Cork

CHARACTERISTICS: There are so many flavours in a mouthful of this semi-soft, cow's milk, washed rind cheese, however they are all in balance. The paste is fruity, a little peppery and meaty and you can sometimes get hints of fresh almonds or hay. The rind adds an animally, leathery flavour. This cheese really needs to come to room temperature to appreciate its full beauty.

A LITTLE HISTORY: Former Dublin fashion designer Jeffa Gill abandoned city life in the early 1970s in favour of a life on a farm in a beautiful
 part of south west Cork, where as she says, ‘sometimes the sun shines, but more often the wind blows in salt-drenched rain from the Atlantic’.

Her first cheeses, driven by a need to make some money from the farmland and her eight cows, were a result of experimenting in the kitchen with a large panful of milk on the stove. The cheese grew popular quickly and a more permanent dairy became necessary, and she now has a fully set up dairy and maturing rooms.  Today, the cheeses she makes in a round copper vat are now sold around the world and Jeffa Gill is one of Ireland's most highly regarded Irish farmhouse cheese makers. Durrus is another cheese in our range that Harper & Blohm are lucky enough to get from Neal's Yard Dairy in London, who specialise in artisan cheese from The British Isle.

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Durrus Farmhouse Cheese

Sheridans Crackers

Your Irish cheese selection would not be complete without serving it with some Sheridans Crackers. They have a special place in our heart here at Harper & Blohm as Olivia worked there in 2006 and 2007.

If you have a couple of minutes watch the short video below to meet Seamus from Sheridans, hear all about the production of their amazing crackers, see some beautiful Irish countryside & listen to some Irish music!
* WARNING this may make you want to book a holiday to Ireland.


In 2010, Sheridans undertook to create the perfect cracker to accompany cheese and along with baker Richard Graham Leigh in Clonakilty, Co Cork, they came up with a delicious handmade range of crackers.

The ingredients used in their crackers are strikingly simple. Their core product, Irish Brown Bread crackers, uses just four traditional Irish ingredients, including buttermilk, to impart the distinctive Irish Brown Bread taste.


We are offering a discount across the full range of Sheridans Crackers:
Purchase one packet to receive 10% OFF
Purchase two packets to receive 15% OFF
Purchase three packets to receive 20% OFF

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