Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day 2017

Saturday 22 April is Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day


We'll be celebrating with a free selection of raw milk cheese from Spain on tasting, presented by Kino from El Colmado.

Join us (and cheese-lovers around the world) in celebrating Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day:

Raw milk Spanish cheese tasting
Saturday 22 April, 2-4pm
Harper & Blohm, Essendon
Free tasting + 10% off our raw milk cheeses all day


Why we love raw milk cheese...

Raw milk cheeses are unique in flavor, history, and carry on traditional cheesemaking practices, representing years of knowledge and thoughtful innovation.


"The flavour of raw milk cheese is like discovering colour TV after years of watching black and white."
- Will Studd, international cheese specialist


Created by the Oldways Cheese Coalition in Boston USA in 2015, Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day offers cheese enthusiasts from Melbourne to Manhattan a chance to participate in events highlighting the distinctive cultural heritage of raw milk cheese.

It's the perfect opportunity to try a new cheese and support artisan cheesemaking.

Don't forget to tag @harperandblohm and #rawmilkcheese as you celebrate this delicious day.

Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day


10% off raw milk cheeses - Saturday 22 April

Stock up on raw milk cheese from around the world, including these favourites:

  • Bruny Island C2 (Australia)
    One of the few raw milk cheeses made in Australia, it's sweet, savoury and intense.

  • Marcel Petite Comte, Will Studd selected (France)
    A concentrated nutty texture and a gentle sweet honey flavour reflecting the rich milk of the Montbéliard cattle that graze the natural mountain pastures.

  • Roquefort, Will Studd selected (France)
    One of the world's best known blue cheeses, it's tangy, crumbly and slightly moist, with distinctive blue veins.

  • G. Cravero Parmigano Reggiano, Will Studd selected (Italy)
    The 'king of Italian cheeses' has a succulent, moist texture with nutty tones and a complex, fruity sweetness. At its peak around two years of age.

  • Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve (USA)
    A very complex cheese with lasting flavours of grass, flora, rich fruit and nuts.

  • Firstkonig (Switzerland)
    Made with whole, unpasteurised milk, has a dense, creamy texture with a herbaceous flavour and a delicate spicy finish.

  • Gruyere Vieux (Switzerland)
    The condensed nutty texture is scattered with small horizontal fissures known as ‘lenures’ and tiny crystals of tyrosine (an amino acid) that add a deliciously sweet-salty crunch to the powerful lingering flavours.