Pre-Father's Day Cheese Tasting: Saturday 3 September

Join us this Saturday 3 September from 2pm to 4pm for a special Calendar Cheese tasting.

Pick out some special to spoil your Dad on Sunday!

First König

First König is a mountain cheese (or Bergkäse) from Switzerland made with whole unpasteurised milk. It is washed in a light brine as it matures, giving the rind an amber colour and assisting in the development of flavour. Read tasting notes.


Delice de Chablis, selected by Will Studd

The Delice de Chablis is a French washed rind cheese, with a pungent spicy aroma and sticky wrinkled terracotta rind. It has a smooth, rich and velvety texture with a meaty taste that melts in your mouth. Read tasting notes

Delice de Chablis

Rogue Creamery Smokey Blue

Rogue Creamery Smokey Blue is the first of its kind. Gently cold smoked for 16 hours over a bed of local Oregon hazelnut shell, this cheese has a firm, smooth texture and a mild smokey, nutty flavour with a hint of sweet caramel. Think blue cheese & candied bacon! Read tasting notes

Rogue Creamery Smokey Blue-2

Montgomery's cheddar

In the pantheon of cheddars gracing our counter, Montgomery’s Cheddar is king. This is one of the three truly traditional cheddars still to be made in the British countryside today. It has rich, sweet, fruity, nutty, beefy flavours, sometimes reminiscent of the caramelised edge of a Sunday roast. Read tasting notes


Berrys Creek Tarwin Blue

After maturation in a small room next a dairy in regional Victoria for a minimum of two months, the rich buttery texture becomes interspersed with dark blue veins and develops a distinct creamy blue texture and a slightly earthy flavour. Read tasting notes