We've got Mother's Day all wrapped up!

Treat your mum to something from our wide range of cheese-related gifts this Mother’s Day! Simply visit the shop to purchase, or contact us to pre-order.

Pre Mother's Day Cheese Tasting: Saturday 7 May

Why not bring your mum into the shop to pick up her gift and taste some wonderful cheese? Join us between 2pm - 4pm for a cheese tasting hosted by one of our key suppliers, the Calendar Cheese Company.

You can sample the Brillat-Savarin featured in our Mother’s Day gift boxes, as well as some more of Mum's favourites French cheeses such as Le Secret des Lys, Langres and Serve et Belle petit Chevrot.

Mother’s Day Gift Boxes

Choose from one of our set gift boxes below, or let us know your Mum’s favourite cheese and we can make a tailor made box to order.

$35 Gift Box

Our smaller gift box includes:

  • a 200g Brillat-Savarin (French Triple Crème) selected by Will Studd

  • a packet of Harper & Blohm Waterwheel Biscuits

  • a jar of Monsoon Fine Foods fruit paste from the Yarra Valley

  • All packaged in a small Harper & Blohm gift box.

$60 Gift Box

Our large gift box includes:

  • a 250g box of Fromager des Clarines from Fromagerie Jean Perrin with a fondue recipe card

  • 200g of Marcel Petite Le Comte Gruyere

  • 100g Australian Muscatels

  • a box of Sheridan’s Cheesemongers Irish Brown-Bread Crackers

  • a jar of Cunliffe & Waters Chutney (your choice of, Pear & Raisin Chutney or Tomato & Red Capsicum Relish)

  • All packaged in a Harper & Blohm gift box.

We recommend that you pre-order the gift boxes and then pick up 2-3 days before Mother's Day so that the cheese is at its best.

Cheese Gift Vouchers

Harper & Blohm cheese gift vouchers are available at a minimum value of $20 and are valid for 6 months after the date of purchase. Your mum can use the voucher to purchase cheese from our shop whenever she likes during this time.

Mother's Day gift voucher

Other gift ideas

Cheese knives

Purchase a cheese knife alongside one of our other gifts or on their own. We sell two excellent brands in the shop: Japanese made Chef’s Armoury Cheese Knife @ $29 and beautiful brightly coloured French made Opinel Knives @ $12.95 or Boska Holland Brie Knives @ $27.95 each.

Chefs Armoury Cheese Knife  Opinel knives

Cheese boards

Perfect as a gift alone or to give with one of your mums favourite cheeses. We have two different styles in store for Mothers Day this year.

Sands Made Cheese Paddles are designed right here in Melbourne. The beautifully crafted wooden paddles are great for serving cheese to guests at home. Pick one up in the shop from $39-$120

Slate boards from Brooklyn Slate come with a soapstone pencil so you can write the names of your cheese selection on the slate each time you use it! Sourced from the Brooklyn family’s quarry in upstate New York, each cheese board is packaged with a burlap bag alongside soapstone chalk and anti-slip padded feet. Soapstone & cheese wipe off easily with a damp cloth however these slate boards are also dishwasher safe.

$36.95 & $45.50 each

xmas gift idea 5 cheese board  xmas gift idea 3 brooklyn slate board

Simply visit the shop to purchase or contact us to pre-order.