Last cheese tasting of the year! Saturday 19 Dec 2-4pm

Calendar Cheese Company and Harper & Blohm have selected some very special cheeses for our last cheese tasting for 2015.

Beat the heat and join us on Saturday 19 December from 2-4pm.


Tunworth is a Camembert-style soft cheese created in Hampshire, England by Australian Stacey Hedges and her business partner Charlotte Spruce. Hand made using milk from a pedigree herd of Holstein cows, Tunworth has the classic vegetal, lightly truffled flavour of traditional Camembert.

Harper & Blohm are among a selected few retailers in Australia who receive this cheese from the iconic Neals Yard Dairy in London. Tunworth has been by far our most popular soft cheese all year; we often have a wait list between deliveries from Neal’s Yard Dairy.

$27.85 ea (250g) or $13.92 per 1/2

Read more on the Hampshire Cheeses website


Rogue River Reserve Blue

Rogue RiverThis rare North American benchmark blue cheese is hand made at Rogue River Creamery in Oregon for only a few weeks each year during autumn. At this time of year the creamery’s single herd of Brown Swiss & Holstein cows are at the end of their natural lactation cycle and their rich concentrated milk is infused with the esters of native grasses, hops, clover, blackberries and wild herbs that grow on the lush grazing pastures beside the Rogue River.

After the cheeses have been salted and pierced they are hand wrapped in local Syrah vine leaves from a neighbouring vineyard. These leaves have been macerated in pear brandy from nearby Clear Creek, the cheese is then ripened in the dairy cellars for a minimum of three months.

Its moist creamy texture has a creamy blue mould flavour with subtle hints of signature terroir including pine, wild ripened berries, hazelnuts, morels and pears. Guaranteed to be the talk of the Christmas table

Harper & Blohm were lucky enough to have a visit from owner & cheese maker David Gremmels upon the release of the cheese in November!

$14.90 per 100g

Read more on the Rogue Creamery website


Le Secret de Lys

Le Secret des LysCalendar Cheese Company worked with one of their French distributors during the year to come up with an alternative cheese for St Marcellin, which is sadly no longer being exported to Australia. A very good substitute was found: Le Secret de Lys.

Made near the village of Cleron high in the mountains of the Franche-Comte region by the Perrin family, this fragile, soft and creamy cheese is matured in a small ceramic dish. This cheese has a silky texture, can be compared to St Marcellin in flavour. A coat of Geotrichum mould forms a protective layer around the cheese and develops small flecks of blue and grey mould as the cheese reaches full ripeness.

$10.75 ea


Fin Briard with truffle

Fin Briard de TruffleThis Christmas we have a smaller individual 200gm boxed unit of everyone's favorite cheese, the 'French Truffle Brie', the Friday night treat, the one you get when you want to impress your guest or when the children are away: Fin Briard with truffle.

In the year 2000 Marc Rouzaire created this new surface cheese ripened truffled cheese. After 4 weeks of maturation in underground cellars in Ill-de-France this traditional Brie is cut in half and covered with slices of black truffles, crème fraîche & mascarpone before being matured for a further month.

$24.70 ea


Swiss Gruyere Vieux

Swiss GruyereDating back to the 13th century Gruyére is the most popular cheese in Switzerland. The quality of milk and area of production is strictly controlled under Swiss Appellation but quality varies between the cooperative dairies and most Gruyére wheels are sold after being ripened for just 6 months.

This artisan cheese makes its way to Australia via Käseswiss,a London base specialty cheese company founded by Zurich-based New Zealander Rachael Sills in 2005. They source the best Swiss cheese from small reputable suppliers and farmers in Switzerland.

This thick, crusty-rinded cheese has been made by Jean Marie Dunand in Le Cret sur Semsales dairy and carefully cave ripened for at least 18 months. The condensed nutty texture is scattered with small horizontal fissures known as lenures and tiny crystals of calcium lactate that add a deliciously sweet salty crunch to the powerful lingering flavours.

Each time we stock this Gruyére it sells out so quickly, so we guessed you might like to show it off to your family and friends this Christmas.

$9.99 per 100g