L'Artisan cheese tasting: Saturday 6 August 2pm

Join us for a tasting of L'Artisan's delicious range of handmade and organic cheeses, this Saturday from 2 - 4pm.

You can also buy as serve of their famous Raclette, served on Jones potatoes from Gippsland and with Harper & Blohm cornichons, for just $10!

Owner of L'Artisan Cheese and third generation cheesemaker, Matthieu Megard, will be in the store, sharing stories with us about the traditional techniques and recipes he uses from his home country, France.


All L'Artisan cheeses are handmade and have a unique and distinctive personality. Milk is sourced from a single herd in order to reflect the harsh climate of the Great Ocean road. Everything is done by hand, from skimming to moulding, and every batch, every cheese receive special attention.

The L'Artisan cheese range includes:

  • The Mountain Man - A washed rind cheese with slightly pungent, yet round and complex taste.

  • The Le Rouge - A very Australian, washed rind cheese that is very strong yet has a surprisingly oozy texture when ripe.

  • The Extravagant - A fascinatingly decadent, triple cream cheese.  It is mild and creamy when young but strong and runny when ripe.

  • Raclette - A semi-hard cow's milk cheese that is usually used for melting.

  • Gruyere - A firm, pale-yellow, creamy cow's milk cheese named after a Swiss village.

L'Artisan cheese organic Raclette

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