Holy Goat cheese tasting Saturday 9 July 2016

Join us in store on Saturday 9 July between 2-4pm to taste some amazing Holy Goat cheeses.

Holy Goat make fresh cheeses, mature white mould cheeses and mature yeast rind cheeses, including Australia's most acclaimed cheese La Luna. Their cheeses are hand made at Sutton Grange Organic Farm on 204 acres of rolling granite plains with spectacular views to Mount Alexander, east of Castlemaine in Central Victoria.

Holy Goat Sutton Grange Organic Farm central Victoria

Carla Meurs and Ann-Marie Monda established their organically certified goatherd and farm cheese production in 1999. The goats have free range access to a rich variety of predominately native grasses, herbs and shrubs. These deep rooted, fibrous pastures suit the natural feeding habits of goats and produce high quality milk and cheeses with unique complexity and depth.

The cheeses are made in the traditional French, soft curd style using slow, lactic acid fermentation. The fresh delicate curds are hand ladled into individual moulds and allowed to drain slowly under their own weight. The cheeses range from fresh to aged, and from ash coated to natural rind with a variety of shapes, each with their own distinctive flavour.

Holy Goat cheeses Brigids Well

Ann-Marie and Carla have developed their organic herd management and cheese making skills on a diverse range of farms both in Australia and overseas. Their fine quality goat’s cheese reflects a respect and care for the natural environment, the health and well being of the goatherd and an integrated wholistic farm management.

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