Bundarra Berkshires tasting: Saturday 15 October

Join us for a delicious charcuterie tasting with our friends from Bundarra Berkshires, this Saturday from 2-4pm.

Highest quality free range goods

We love Bundarra Berkshires because they make the tastiest, ethically-produced goods.

All the products from the Bundarra Berkshires farmstead come from free range pigs with none of the bad stuff - no additives, no hormones, no antibiotics, just real, natural pork.

Bundarra Berkshires charcuterie

Their beautiful English heritage Berkshire pigs produce a pork that's rich, sweet and has a clean taste, soft fat and great marbling which keeps the meat juicy.

Our tasting will include Bundarra's rillett, fricandeaux, capocollo and Little French Ham.

From paddock to table

You'll meet the amazing Lauren Mathers (a bit of a hero to us!) from Bundarra and learn what it takes to make these delectable smallgoods.

Bundarra Berkshires farm

Lauren is involved in every step of production - from rearing the pigs to making the charcuterie - on the farmstead, located three hours north of Melbourne on the Murray River near Barham.

We hope to see you at this very special tasting!

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