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Barley Buzzed - Beehive Cheese Company
Uintah, Utah, USA
Semi Hard, Cows Milk

The Beehive Cheese Company creamery sits in the forested Wasatch Mountains in Northern Utah where wildflowers are abundant in the summer. Combined with alfalfa hay and corn, the Jersey and Holstein herd produce milk that’s perfect for cheese making.

Young wheels of cheese are hand-rubbed with a blend of French lavender and locally roasted and ground coffee beans that give the cheese wonderful notes of butterscotch and caramel.
Dante - Cedar Grove Cheese
Plain, Wisconsin, USA
Semi Hard, Sheep Milk

This modern award wining cheese was created in 2004 by the Madison College of Agriculture and America’s largest ewe’s milk cooperative – The Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative (WSDC).
Fresh ewe’s milk is collected from more than a dozen dairy farms scattered across Iowa and Wisconsin between March and September, and transported to Cedar Grove Cheese.
Dante cheese is hand made there in small batches, using principles adapted from a traditional Gouda recipe.
After salting, the young wheels are covered with a thin edible coating to prevent mould growth penetrating the rind as the cheese matures.

Most Dante is aged for just 6 months but this ‘custom made‘ cheese was graded for extra ageing for the Australian market. After eighteen months in the dairy ‘s cellars, its concentrated golden texture has developed an exceptional nutty caramel finish.
Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve 1
Pleasant Ridge Reserve Uplands Cheese
Dodgeville, Wisconsin, USA
Semi Hard, Raw Cows Milk

Pleasant Ridge Reserve is made with raw milk in the tradition of alpine cheeses by Uplands Cheese Company located on “Pleasant Ridge” in southwestern Wisconsin. Now owned by two families Scott & Liana Mericka, Andy & Caitlin Hatch. They purchased the farm & cheese making facility in 2014 from their former employers to ensure the future of the dairy, where cows have been milked for over 100 years.

Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve is only made between May & October, while the cows are grazing on the fresh pastures. Close your eyes and taste the cheese, American cheese is not the first thing that comes to mind, you maybe thinking it’s a French alpine cheese such as Beaufort. This is a very complex cheese with lasting flavours of grass & flora, rich fruit & nuts
Cabot Clothbound Cheddar
Cabot Clothbound Cheddar
Aged at The Cellars St Jasper Hill Farm
Vermont, USA
Cheddar, Cows milk

It’s very rare for bulk commodity cheese cooperatives to encourage artisan cheese making. However, this award winning Vermont cheddar is a shining example of how both sides of the industry can benefit from combining skills & working together. Originally created in 2003 as an experiment between the huge Cabot dairy cooperative (est in 1930) & small farmstead dairy Jasper Hill, this clothbound cheese is now recognized as one of the finest traditional cheddars in the world.

Made with milk collected from a single herd of Holstein cows at Cabot Dairy. Each wheel of cheddar is bound with cloth & smeared with lard then transported to Mateo & Andy Kehler’s picturesque Jasper Hill Farm for aging for a minimum of 12 months in their underground caves carved out of the green hillside. The result is a crystalline-flecked, moist & crumbly cheddar with a sweet, tangy caramel flavour.

Monterey Jack & Jalapeño Jack Maple Leaf Cheese
Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Semi Hard, Cows Milk

Maple Leaf Cheese has been owned and operated by a small group of local family farms in Wisconsin since 1910. The 16-farm cooperative produces quality milk which is used by their Master Cheesemakers Jeff Wideman and Paul Reigle.

They’re best known for their ‘Jack’ cheese - an American original first created by the Mexican Franciscan friars of Monterey, California in the 19th century.

A creamy flavour and semi-hard texture makes it an excellent cheese for melting over burgers, nachos, soups and veggies.
For a (mild) kick, try the green and red Jalapeño-studded Monterey Jack - great in tacos and quesadilla

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