About The Owner – Olivia Sutton

Olivia Sutton opened her highly acclaimed cheese shop in 2014 to share her love of cheese with the citizens of Melbourne and named it ‘Harper & Blohm’ after the maiden names of her grandparents, Merle Harper and Mona Blohm.

With over 15 years of industry experience, Olivia Sutton is the owner of Harper & Blohm Cheese Shop in Brunswick, Victoria and highly regarded in her field. Since 2015 she’s been a cheese judge at both the National Dairy Australia Awards and Australian Food Awards at the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria.

Olivia grew up in rural Victoria and spent her holidays on King Island, Tasmania, at her family’s farm. After spending over 10 years working at the Calendar Cheese Company and at Ireland’s Sheridan’s Cheesemongers, Olivia opened Harper & Blohm in 2014 as a way of giving cheese lovers access to cheeses that aren’t often available to them. Since then, it has built a solid reputation as one of Melbourne’s finest cheese shops – outgrowing and expanding into new premises in 2018 to meet the demand of her loyal and regular customers.

Olivia is passionate about provenance, quality and ethically sound practises, and looks for the best possible products to stock in her shop. She delights in discovering new produce to share with you from local Farmers markets, around Australia and on trips to Europe.

A key contributor to the Melbourne food scene, Olivia is involved in a variety of activities. Conducting regular cheese and wine classes and specialty workshops are all part of her commitment to sharing her cheese expertise. She also assists local restaurants with hand-picked cheese selections, hosts events with cheesemakers and was invited to provide Australian cheeses for the ‘World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017’. And she looks forward to sharing her expertise with you.

Listen to this ‘Cooking the Books’ podcast and the ‘Literary Elixirs’ podcast where Olivia talks about all things cheese.