About The Owner

The shop was born out of Olivia’s love affair with cheese!

Olivia puts her love of cheese down to her roots; she grew up in a small farming community in Western Victoria and spent the school holidays visiting the family farm on King Island, Tasmania.

She was introduced to local farmhouse cheese at an early age and remembers returning to her boarding school house after the holidays with a wheel of ripe King Island brie, to be enjoyed with friends after study, on toast with a dash of cranberry sauce (it was the early 90’s after all).

This early love of cheese flourished into a successful career working with some of Melbourne’s (and Ireland’s) finest cheese wholesalers and retailers.

Olivia spent 10 years working for Calendar Cheese Company alongside Australia’s premier cheese personality Will Studd (presenter of Cheese Slices and raw milk cheese ambassador). During this time, she managed accounts for some of the country’s top restaurants and retailers, developed a deep understanding of cheese care and production, and built long lasting relationships with her supply chain.

Olivia has also worked with Dublin’s excellent Sheridan’s Cheesemongers and Melbourne specialty wholesaler Savour & Grace.

In March 2014, Olivia opened Harper & Blohm to share her love of cheese with the public and named the shop after the maiden names of her grandparents, Merle Harper (Williams) and Mona Blohm (Sutton).